Collaboration with Girl Scouts Creates Impact for Young Girls

 Since last year a key partnership with Girl Scouts has created vibrant and exciting programs to inspire young girls living in our communities. Latinas Girl Scouts promotes experiences that span healthy living, STEAM education, cultural activities,  and field trips to create a sense of wonder and inspiration.

Initially, FHDC partnered with Girls Scouts to offer programs in Woodburn. Due to the success of the program, we have expanded to include Colonia Libertad in Salem,, Colonia Amistad in Independence and Colonia Jardines in Silverton. An average of 10 to 15 girls participate in each location depending on  the size of the community.

As FHDC continues to develop affordable housing, the vision is to parter with local community organizations to ensure families are getting access to core services such as education, jobs and health… because a home is just the beginning.

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