FHDC strengthens families with support from Mano a Mano

FHDC’s partner organization Mano a Mano is a proud recipient of funding from Marion County Health Department and City of Salem to continue in its fifth year to provide services to residents in our Colonia Libertad community in Salem via Strengthening Families Program. 


The Strengthening Families Program is a fun and interactive family program for parents, caregivers and youth 10-14 years of age. Through discussions, family games, role playing, and projects, families work together to strengthen communication and bonding. In addition, parents work on setting limits and giving rewards and consequences, while youth work on goal setting and refusal skills.

The Strengthening Families Program meets once a week for seven weeks. Each session is 2 ½ hours. In the first 30 minutes, a complimentary dinner is provided. In the first hour of class, the parents and youth participate in separate, concurrent classes. In the second hour, the youth and parents come together for a family session where they have fun together and practice the skills they learned in the first hour.

Each year in the past 5 years we have been fortunate to assist between 8 and 10 parents and 10 to 15 youth.

Classes are offered for FREE in English and Spanish …. Dinner and childcare are provided! We look forward to continuing this partnership for years to come.



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