Mi Tierra Project Brings Fresh Veggies, Education in Independence

FHDC is partnering with the City of Independence to create and maintain a healthy community garden at Colonia Amistad for families to have access to healthy organic vegetables, within close reach of their homes.

City of Independence Community Engagement Officer Erubiel Valladares is collaborating with FHDC staff Fabiola Camacho to deliver the service to the families on FHDC property. The City is working on securing more resources as the demand and excitement has grown among residents. Youth in particular have shown a strong interest, asking in anticipation last Spring when the garden would be built. Many kids, following in the footsteps of their parents, are excited to have their own plot of land to work and learn from. Currently there are crop staples growing such as corn, squash, tomatoes, chiles, cilantro and greens.

The project collaboration has a goal to fund a new fence and create a water restoration project for the Ash Creek that runs through the property at Colonial Amistad.

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