National Night Out Creates Community at Colonia Jardines

National Night Out is a big deal across our communities as a way to create stronger and safer ties between residents and public safety organizations. FHDC hosted small events at different communities, including a larger event at Colonia Jardines in Silverton on August 1st.  Colonia Jardines, our newest property, offered a great opportunity to create deeper relationships with partners and residents alike. Kids gathered to meet their local fireman, get their face painted, and of course beat the heat with popsicles.

National Night Out was organized in partnership with our mission-driven property management company Evolve.  Staff outreach coordinator Fabiola Camacho and Property Manager Circe Vielman welcomed the City of Silverton’s Fire Department, Girl Scouts of Oregon and all residents and their families for a potluck, fire truck tour, face painting, crafts, giveaways and more. The event was an opportunity to share resources and create a sense of strong community for residents, owners and property managers.

We also got to interact with some of our summer volunteers who have been helpful in the community this year. One of the most eager volunteers has been 13 year old Caitlin Guzman, who is getting ready to go into 8th grade next month. She has been a big help to our staff, always willing to teach younger kids skills, paint faces, clean or do whatever to help out. “I like living here, and being around the kids. I have three younger siblings, so I guess I have always been used to caring for kids,” says Caitlin. “I’m also looking forward to going back to school. Math and Language Arts are my favorite subjects. I guess you could say I am interested in a lot of different subjects and hobbies.” She is also bilingual, raised in a multicultural family. She plans to go to college, but not sure yet what she wants to be. Time will tell what the kids and families in Colonia Jardines become — With so much potential, this home and community are just the beginning for many.


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