Partner Highlight: Enlace Community Development

FHDC has had the privilege of partnering with ENLACE for the past 15 years to  host cultural and technological classes and activities. As a joint partnership, FHDC and Enlace wish to encourage exploration of Latinx community identity through better access to culture and technology. Classes with Enlace are open to all residents and community located in Woodburn, Salem and Independence and usually attract between 10-15 youth, and even some adults!
We recently had the opportunity to chat with Amador Aguilar, Enlace Founder, about the ENLACE vision for community development.
FHDC: What type of classes do you offer?
Amador: Computer classes, driver education classes, guitar classes, Folkloric dance, classes and other cultural events and community projects.
FHDC: How has it been working with FHDC community?
Amador: Our programs have supported many families during the last 15 years. We have seen lives transformed through tech and cultural skills developed at Enlace, whether through a new job opportunity, social skills or academic success. The truth is, it’s not always easy supporting these programs but with strong partnerships and strong leadership, we have made it through tough times!
FHDC: What are your favorite moments or classes to teach?
Amador:  All my classes are favorites to teach, but my favorite moment is when a space develops naturally to have a open conversation with students about their dreams, suggestions, thoughts, needs, skills and challenges. In these instances, I learn a lot about them and also I get to see the level of needs in our community. The reason ENLACE was created is to fulfill these needs and dreams through artistic and curious exploration.
FHDC: What is the future for Enlace?
Amador: ENLACE will continue to be a source for  collaboration and partnership to support more people, especially those experiencing barriers to access. ENLACE is currently creating curriculums for cultural and educational trainings to inspire and encourage community members to create and work for their goals. We hope to continue to build partnerships to address the growing needs in our communities.

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