The Legacy of FHDC Board Member Ramon Ramirez

A leader in our community for decades, Ramon Ramirez was featured in the Statesman Journal as an American who has done extraordinary work in the community. Ramirez is currently president of Pineros y Campesinos Unidados del noroeste (PCUN) which he co-founded in 1985 to bring justice to farm laborers and their families, whom he believes (and we agree) are the true backbones in our communities.

Ramirez believes in building “bridges of understanding,” bringing diverse communities together to share what they have in common and what their differences are.

On what it means to him to be an American:

“To live in a country free from discrimination, racism, indifference, xenophobia, and where you celebrate diversity, because we are a nation of immigrants. … In order for us to survive as a country, we have to honor the diversity that makes up this country.” (via Statesman Journal).

We are grateful to have a leader on our board of directors who exemplifies an extraordinary sense of commitment to farmworkers and to bringing the community together towards a common future that celebrates and honors our similarities as well our differences.

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Bonus: You are invited to celebrate Ramon’s birthday and PCUN’s annual celebration coming up on November 2nd!



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