Aldo Solano of Woodburn leads DREAMERS from NYC to D.C.

March 5th has been a teetering deadline in which the DACA program is set to expire. In the last decade, the program has offered security for youth who migrated to the US at a young age, by securing them the ability to find work, go to school, get drivers licenses and pursue meaningful lives. DACA as it stands is limiting, but it’s a path in the right direction for youth who were not born in the United States but consider the U.S. home.

In light of this, Dreamers and allies from Oregon and other U.S. cities landed in NYC in mid-February to embark on an emotional journey to demand equal rights. Aldo Solano, FHDC Board Member, is one of the outspoken leaders and has been documenting the journey on social media through live video, photos and shared posts from supporters and other dreamers.  The Dreamers trudged snow, wind and conservative voting districts in a truly historical moment for many  in our communities. We thank and acknowledge all dreamers and allies for continuing to make strides towards an equitable society.

Photos taken on Facebook by The Seed Project and Aldo Solano

You can follow Aldo’s daily public live posts: Here

In Spanish: Here



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