FHDC residents gather with community members and Familias en Accion


On April 30th, a focus group was convened by our partners Familias en Accion in order to learn more about the needs, barriers and opportunities that Woodburn residents encounter in regards to healthy lifestyle options and choices. More than 25 people including adults and youth gathered to learn about and share feelings about:

+What the resources are to obtain healthy food

+Locations and access to community gardening space

+How healthy eating affects pregnancy and other stages of life

+How to reduce stress through healthy lifestyle choices

+How to be a leader and advocate for yourself, your kids and neighbors in your community

Each participant received $50, food/drinks and childcare during the focus group for sharing their input. Thanks to Familias en Accion for involving our communities and for helping us better understand how to build up leadership capacity within our residents.

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