Woodburn School District comes to Cipriano Ferrel!

FHDC is pleased to announce a partnership with The Woodburn School District to create ongoing 2018 after-school and summer programming to provide opportunities for educational, recreational and artistic exploration for hundreds of youth. Woodburn School District will offer programs to nearly 150 families this year, including both FHDC residents, and the greater community in Woodburn.

This is a perfect partnership for FHDC, who seeks to develop collaborative work models with service providers to ensure residents get their basic needs addressed, while providing opportunities for growth in life, health and professional endeavors.  The partnership with the Woodburn School District helps FHDC build capacity to partner with our expansive communities through a Pilot Youth and Family Volunteer Leadership model that encourages residents to develop confidence, skills, stake and understanding with in their own communities by receiving training, conducting home visits and reporting to their organization on key findings.

Other organizations providing support and capacity to creating a collaborative model include Evolve Workforce Development and Property Management, Oregon Latino Health Care Coalition, Mis Abuelos, Girls Inc., and Boys and Girls Club.

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