Updates from FHDC’s Youth and Family Committee

At the conclusion of 2017, FHDC’s board of directors completed a phase of strategic planning outlining goals for the next several years. One of the outcomes was to develop an in-house committee to create stronger, more connected relationships among the organization and our resident and partnering communities. The committee has since met several times, joined by Youth and Family Coordinator, Fabiola Camacho and active resident volunteers.  Additional members include Board members Laurie Hoefer, Elias Villegas and Aldo Solano.

The purpose of the committee is to create better understanding between the needs of the communities and the organizational programmatic and development activities. Currently the committee is working on gathering and assessing feedback from residents, and will leverage this information to develop strategies for communities to access and known about available services to support basic needs in health, education, recreation and workforce.

Stay tuned to meet some of our great resident and community leaders and to learn more about the planned activities!

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