FHDC staff in advancing skills and advocacy in the community

When it comes to ensuring that residents get access to services, FHDC’s model to work with social service providers at many of our properties has built community, achieved efficiency and  celebrated collaboration. The same mentality is being applied to our advocacy work and  the professional development of our staff.  In order to advance social justice and fair housing principles, our Executive Director, Maria Elena Guerra (Meg), has recently participated on the following local panels:

  1. A local task force to address racial disparities in homeownership
  2. Oregon Ask Annual Conference. Panelists addressed: What does Culturally Responsive Mean? Other panelists included Sadiq Ali, ED Maryland Mentor, Amber Lamascola, Center program Specialist, Cow Creek tribal Community center, Ayanna Zamora, After School Program Coordinator, and Johnny Lake, ED Positive Thinking (pictured above)
  3. NCRC Latino West Coast Coalition –As a member of the NCRC, Meg has been working on fairness on financial systems and bank institutions

Additionally, FHDC Asset Manager, Kari Johnsen, completed a certification on Rural Development Housing Compliance and continued trainings with Building Asset Management Solutions (BAMS), a new holistic program that builds organizational capacity to manage affordable housing portfolios for long-term financial and physical health. 

Our Office Manager and Accountant, Tonya Kenyon, recently received her certification for her Non-Profit Accounting Professional Training after 18 months of working at FHDC!


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