FHDC welcomes NALCAB to visit Housing Development Projects

In Fall of 2018, the National Association for Latino Community Asset Builders (NALCAB) awarded FHDC a $40,000 neighborhood planning and technical assistance grant for housing development capacity. This partnership helps FHDC housing development staff to receive training, support, and knowledge about industry best practices and to identify other possible capital construction funding sources. FHDC is using the grant to provide necessary funds in the creation of an equitable development plan focused on the City of Lebanon. NALCAB made their first site visit to Woodburn to learn of our progress this month on February 14, 2019.

NALCAB staff with LMC Construction’s General Project Manager at Colonia Unidad in Woodburn, OR, set to open in late Summer, 2019.

FHDC was eager to show the representatives of NALCAB the progress on other projects, such as Colonia Unidad, a 44-unit apartment complex for farmworkers and low-income families. Colonia Paz, a Lebanon, Oregon project, will be built on a combined 9.41 acres parcel. Laura Furst, Melissa Medina, and Jake White from NALCAB were taken to the project site and given an overall visual representation plan of the future community. Colonia Paz’s initial phase will use 1.40 acres with the building property containing (8) one-bedroom and (16) two-bedroom farmworker units. The site is situated within 2 miles of nearby schools, shopping centers, and social service providers and government offices. Colonia Paz will be seeking LEED-Gold certification to create healthy, highly efficient and cost-saving green buildings. Overall, the visit was a success and both FHDC and NALCAB were eager and optimistic with the outlook of Colonia Paz.  

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