Updates from the Construction Field

Esperanza Court

Esperanza Court, our 12 unit farmworker housing community located in the heart of downtown Woodburn, recently finalized most of its planned updates to improve HVAC systems, siding, and some other small changes to improve livability and comfort for residents.

Claudia Cantu and Kelvin Valdovinos work with Evolve Property Managers to explain use of new systems infrastructure

In the interim, on Thursday, March 7th, the FHDC staff along with team members of Evolve Workforce Development & Property Management, held a tenant meeting at Esperanza Court Apartments.  The purpose of the meeting was to talk to residents about the new systems recently installed in their units and to answer any questions they had as well as update tenants on what is still left to be done, such as the playground and parking lot.   There was a great turnout with the vast majority of tenants showing up.  Dinner was provided and several questions were asked.  At the end, tenants were really happy with their new unit.

Colonia Unidad

Windows and doors are being installed

Colonia Unidad is our latest new affordable housing construction designed to bring 44-units of workforce housing to Woodburn. It’s scheduled to open in September, 2019. The progress is coming along nicely thanks in part to a great partnership with LMC Construction and their subcontractors, the majority of which are minority-owned businesses. We are happy to report that everything is on target to be completed on time, providing much needed housing to support

Looking good on a sunny day!

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