Woodburn Organizations host community learning sessions

Capaces Leadership Institute, PCUN, and FHDC hosted public stakeholders and more than 50 representatives from Meyer Memorial Trust on a tour of our rural facilities and programs impacting the Woodburn region.

FHDC Executive Director Meg address stakeholders during lunch

In addition to stakeholders from Meyer Memorial Trust, we were joined by the Mayor of Woodburn, Eric Swanson; Chemeketa Community College Principal, Elias Villegas; the Chief of Police, James Ferrari, and many others representing health, human services, business, and law sectors.

Jaime Arredondo, Capaces Leadership E.D. translates for FHDC resident volunteer Adriana Delgado

One of our resident volunteers, Adriana Delgado shared her experience with the group, noting the importance of having a safe place to live. She emphasized the importance of having trainings and programs, and is prepared to be a candidate for FHDC’s Promotores program.

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