FHDC receives instrumental support from Legacy Health!

Legacy Health is a nonprofit medical organization with facilities across the Willamette Valley. In their efforts to close the access gap in health care, our partnership will uplift residents through education and direct services on-site to ensure that FHDC communities are supported in their life and development.

Legacy Health’s support comes in the form of a three year commitment to bring mobile health vans to our major properties, as well as an investment into our new Promotores program, designed to uplift engaged resident leaders. Promotores will be trained to refer their neighbors to social and health services, and will lead the promotion of the health vans at each property, which will provide free dental care and other basic health services for under and uninsured community members.

We look forward to working with Legacy Health to create pathways for farmworkers and other low-income individuals and families to improve lives through stable housing and access to health care.

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