Mural for Colonia Unidad is approved!

Integral to our community heritage and culture, most of FHDC’s communities have elements of art adorning the walls of the properties. In Woodburn, our murals are primarily indoors due to City ordinance. However, after a proposal was accepted to craft a mural at the main welcoming area of Colonia Unidad, FHDC is on course to change this trend. Last week, FHDC staff and several residents traveled to City Hall to make a case for the importance of murals in our community and how instrumental they can be in welcoming people and a building to a new neighborhood. We are pleased to report that our plea was accepted by the City and the initial renderings for the mural will be shifting into developing a plan for completion.

Team FHDC, staff and residents

The artist chosen to complete the mural is renowned muralist Hector Hernandez, who has conceived many of FHDC’s murals over the last two decades. The 28’ X 10’ mural is located on two adjacent walls and has a symmetrical composition. Elements include a sunrise with sunbursts, images of students graduating, hands supporting each other, a flowering tree, butterflies and fertile farmland. The work is entitled “Unity and Achievement”. The underlying themes are academic achievement, optimism, transformation, and unification. If approved, the mural is expected to be completed over the summer and installed on the new building in the fall of 2019 to coincide with the opening of the apartment development.

Colonia Unidad is on track to open in Fall, 2019 and we are so excited that the vision for our mural will be able to be visible and seen by all passing in the neighborhood!

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