Residents Graduate from Buen Vecino Program

In partnership with The Ford Family Foundation (TFFF), 14 residents from FHDC’s Woodburn properties partook in the Buen Vecino program, with 9 graduating the program through their continuous and engaged participation. The workshop series was a 5-week long course designed to improve various skills of residents while bringing together ideas for how to improve their communities together.

The program, taught in partnership with Laura Isiordia from TFFF, served as a warm-up leading to the launch of our Promotores Program, and served multiple purposes: (1) identify interest, (2) identify potential Promotores candidates, (3) get input on community needs, (4) touch on advocacy tools (preemptive Promotores work), (5) identify work willingness, (6) assess commitment level and availability of residents (7) understand skills abilities of potential Promotores, and (8) Identify areas of focus for skill development and improvement. The formal training for the Promotora Program is scheduled to kick off on June 24th which will include an interview and formal acceptance into the program for each candidate who will become trained and trusted leaders in their communities.

Photos from the final class and graduation! Congrats to all of our amazing resident leaders.

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