Adventures with Girl Scouts

FHDC has maintained a strong partnership with Girl Scouts of Oregon and Southwest Washington for the last few years. This partnership is a collaborative effort by both organizations to increase access to skill development and activities, particularly during breaks from school.

Girl Scouts have been busy at FHDC properties growing and making food and art, and investigating culture and getting to know their neighbors a little better.

At Colonia Amistad in Independence, Oregon, girls prep the beds to plant tomatoes and peppers:

At Colonia Libertad in Salem, Oregon, girls learn about the cultural importance of artist Frida Kahlo and pay tributes by creating a collaborative mosaic:

Girl Scouts have led efforts to share information with their neighbors about a project called Cerebro Education, which will bring culturally responsive hands-on activities about the brain’s structure and function to Latinx youth and families.

The nationally-focused pilot project is aimed to increase the knowledge of diverse neuroscience-related career options and to encourage Latinx youth to consider them as viable and exciting careers paths; and increase awareness about brain illnesses (Alzheimer’s disease, depression, and epilepsy) building mental health awareness, thus increasing help-seeking behavior.

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