Thank you Sponsors!

We are excited to celebrate our year building housing equity and community assets with the grand opening of Colonia Unidad on October 11th. The grand opening of a new 44-unit community means that we are preparing to welcome around 150 new residents to the FHDC family!

We figured this opportunity would also be a great time to raise funds for supporting the wellbeing and prosperity of our new residents, who will be a mix of farmworker families and workforce families. Colonia Unidad addresses the growing need to unite communities and support FHDC’s mission build far and their families as they grow their assets, and it’s our first affordable housing project bringing together farmworkers and residents of all backgrounds in an effort rooted in integration and equity.

We wouldn’t be able to put on a celebrationof this level without the support of our many project and community partners, including the sponsors mentioned below.  Thanks so much to all of these sponsors for their support!













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