FHDC Staff, Promotores & Residents go to State Capitol

We make an effort to regularly go to the state capitol to advocate for issues that affect our communities. Last week on affordable housing lobby day, FHDC staff with Promotores Leaders and other residents visited 3 local representatives and staff, sharing their stories and importance of how access to affordable housing has led to other positive outcomes in their journey.

FHDC group with Senator Peter Courtney and Staffer, Jessica

FHDC group with Representative Clem and Chief of Staff, Daniel

FHDC group with Representative Leon and staff:

FHDC Group member names (From Left to Right): Maricela Rocha (Promotora), Maria T. Amador (Promotora), Maria V. Navarro (Resident), Yvette Perez (CASA of Oregon), Lisvan (IDA Saver), Fabiola Camacho (FHDC Staff), Martha Perez (Promotora), Anabel Hernandez-Mejia (FHDC Staff)

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