Woodburn School District Partnership

The Woodburn School District is one of our most integral and important partners to ensuring that hundreds of youth have access to supportive after school support and summer enrichment programs at Cipriano Ferrel Education Center. More than that, WSD supports diverse youth as they transition or integrate into the public school system. This is one reason the Woodburn High School graduation rate is significantly higher than overall state and national averages, even though our local communities are disproportionately affected by lower incomes.

Our latest effort to create stronger pathways and dedicated resources for students was this month when the Woodburn Education Association (WEA; teacher’s union) visited parents to conduct surveys for input regarding a proposal on how to spend the Student Success Act funds that WSD will be receiving, a total pot of $5.25 million. The teacher’s union provided food & childcare for families. The WEA president stated this was the best-attended community gathering they have had and two dedicated Promotoras obtained an additional 16 surveys from neighbors at Nuevo Amanecer and Colonia Unidad.

Information was recently shared from FHDC residents and all input gathered at the School Board meeting, which was widely attended by FHDC residents from all Woodburn properties and several Promotores and their families.

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