FHDC Partners with Local Organizations to Address Need

During the outbreak of COVID-19 FHDC is doing all it can to form alliances to meet the needs of our residents and local communities. FHDC’s resident services staff have been working late into the night to be available for phone calls with families as they return from work to share information and education on best practices to prevent the spread of the pandemic or to offer referrals and resources as they express their needs about losing their jobs, getting access to health and mental health care, rental assistance, and more.

We are grateful for our partners at Mano a Mano who have been supporting FDHC at Colonia Libertad in Salem with regular food boxes, as well as the Woodburn School District for opening our Cipriano Ferrel Education Center to families (Woodburn residents and non-residents) to receive healthy meals (breakfast and lunch) and food boxes every weekday. In Woodburn, we are averaging 350 people per day to pick up food, which has required coordination with FHDC’s staff, Promotores Resident Leaders, Evolve’s Property Management, the Food Banks, and Woodburn School District. It really takes a village.

We are currently doing a resident-wide survey where we should have a better assessment of the current and growing needs as the stay-at-home mandate continues through this Spring. We are regularly sharing information with residents on how they can be supported, and we urge you to consider sharing any resources you have with organizations like Causa, PCUN, local food banks, and organizations like FHDC, who are advocating for and providing essential services to both frontline workers and those who have recently lost their jobs and communities who may not qualify from the federal stimulus benefits.

To donate to FHDC to provide food, rental assistance, and emergency support visit: www.fhdc.kindful.com

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