Woodburn Communities: Physically Distant but Together

We have been busy in Woodburn building partnerships, planning, and providing our residents— seniors, youth, frontline essential agricultural/food services workers, and recently laid-off workers—with support and basic needs as we navigate our new realities juntos (together). During the course of our surveys with residents over the last 6 weeks, one thing is clear: The need for food, rent, childcare support, and information is growing and you can support: fhdc.kindful.com

<<Anabel Hernandez-Mejia, Resident Leadership Coordinator strategizes with partners on an outdoor social distance meeting outside of Cipriano Ferrel Education Center in Woodburn

Below highlights some of our programming adjustments.


Anahuac Project: Bringing a connection to the natural world through gardening and indigenous knowledge

Javier, the program director, has been innovating to continue workshops during COVID-19. He has participating families in a group text to coordinated staggered work in the garden transplanting seedlings and other tasks. He also shared a YouTube video with instructions and dropped off the needed ingredients/material for a ‘Sidra de Fuego’ that helps boost the immune system. Javier also got approved funds to purchase food staples in bulk for the participating families (bean, cornflour, and dried mushrooms). 




Woodburn School District

Food: In partnership with the Woodburn School District, FHDC has been distributing around 350 free breakfasts & lunches Monday through Friday. Food boxes, bread from Panera, and other donated items are also being distributed regularly. 

Education: We are currently planning to have Promotores help distribute homework packets and resources to students weekly until the school year ends to support the ongoing learning of students during the closure of our after-school programs and pre-school.


In April, the church mailed a check to help residents with bills. Knowing the story of one of our single mother residents, they also gifted a bag with baby clothes and a stuffed animal, donated sandals for the warmer months, and made masks for our Promotoras. 

PROMOTORES Resident Leaders:

Promotores are supporting efforts by:

  • Sharing Work opportunities with neighbors
  • Working at Pop-Up Food donation stations and helping distribute information

New publication: The Ford Family Foundation’s Community Vitality biannual publication is out! Check out our work with them in training with their “Good Neighbor” curriculum over the course of the last year.

 Thanks to all of our partners and resident leaders for helping to support our communities during a global pandemic, something we are adjusting to with optimism and care. One thing is sure: the need is growing and you can support: fhdc.kindful.com

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