PGE Foundation Supports Residents and Commercial Properties

Our partners at PGE Foundation have supported us in the past with grant funds to rehabilitate Cipriano Ferrel Education Center, our largest community education space that serves hundreds of families a year in Woodburn with educational, health, leadership, and cultural services. The Education Center, in partnership with the Woodburn School District, is currently serving as a food and resource distribution hub to support residents who are facing food insecurities or other concerns relating to COVID-19. We are supporting residents with information, resources, food, warm meals, and access to financial assistance.

Recently, PGE issued a moratorium on electricity bills for all commercial and residential users. They were one of the first organizations that provided information to residents in several languages, including Spanish. This gesture makes a big difference during this time when 30-50% of our residents in properties are facing job reductions or losses.

Would you like to help make a difference for our residents who are both essential frontline workers and low-income families who have lost jobs due to the pandemic? Click here to make a one-time or recurring contribution to our Family Livability Fund.

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