En Solidaridad: In Solidarity with our Black Communities Across the Nation

FHDC’s Statement on Racial Injustice and the Death of George Floyd

Living out solidarity is the heart of the missions and service to the community by FHDC and our sister organization, Evolve Workforce & Multifamily Housing. Along with our sister organizations in the Allianza Poder, we stand against the injustice of all forms by participating in education, mobilization, and advocacy efforts at all levels.

Our nonprofit operations and programs are built with the intention to fight prejudice, racism, discrimination, poverty, and ignorance. Every day we channel those efforts to uplift farmworkers of indigenous and immigrant backgrounds, while simulatenously standing and fighting in solidarity with our Black and African American brothers and sisters. The historical and unjustified police brutality and killings of African Americans reminds us that that COVID-19 and health inequalities are just one of the threats that Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) face every day. We are united by the pain of the unjust murders by police of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Elijah McClain’s, and all of those that have come before and after the loss of their lives.  We stand with our partners to emphasize once again our commitment to fight injustice and racism.

Photo by Black Lives Matter, Woodburn



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