FHDC’s COVID-19 Protocol: The Pandemic is Not Over and Our Communities Are at Risk


FHDC provides housing and supportive services for agricultural workers and frontline essential workers. We are no stranger to the day to day challenges of our residents and communities as vital yet underrepresented contributors to local economies and societies.  It’s no surprise that since COVID-19 uprooted our systems and lives as we knew them, that Latinos and other Communities of Color are affected by COV

ID-19 at disproportionate rates. As of June, the state’s data shows 31.7% of people with positive COVID-19 tests in Oregon have been identified as Latino/Latinx/Hispanic, a total of 1,162 cases out of 3,660, compared to a population of 13.3% of Oregon’s total population. That’s why we are stepping up, every day, in big ways to support our more than 1,400 residents and many other families in need.

From Stayton to Sublimity, and Salem to Independence–Resident Services staff, Promotores and Volunteers, and partner organizations including churches, public bureaus, school districts, food banks, and local businesses are stepping up to help. Together we are committed to three main priorities to keep essential workers and their families safe:

  1. Protect essential workers, youth, and families by being a resource and hub of information
  2. Connect all residents with food, multilingual information, rental assistance, computers, internet, educational resources, and other basic needs
  3. Sew and distribute donated PPE and be on the frontlines of ensuring residents have access to testing and other essential health resources

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