Resource Distribution: What it takes to support our communities

Since March, FHDC’s resident services staff have been on high alert, responding to the various needs arising from our resident communities: having access to basic health services and needs; supporting efforts to quarantine in situations of positive test results; helping residents navigate financial hardship; and supporting parents who are struggling to make sure kids are getting an education during a time of distance learning. Every week, we are feeding more than 500 people, and available to more than 1,500 for other needs and services.

All of these efforts have had profound effects on the mental health of our communities of essential workers, farmworkers, and working families. Our resident services team, along with local partners and organizations, have done so much to bring a sense of empathy, understanding, and support into the communities when we all need it most. We look forward to working even more diligently to support education, health care access, and mental health support through the winter and into next year.

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