From the pandemic and standing up for racial justice; to the West coast fires and the local and national elections—we have been repeatedly called to dig deep and stay diligent, and we remain committed to showing up with empathy, understanding, and PAZ (peace) to continue to advocate for farmworker and immigrant families in Oregon

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Ahead of our 30 year anniversary, we are launching our Campaign for PAZ, as we have never quite seen a year like 2020. Though we have been battling inequities throughout our existence, the pandemic and growing unemployment has exacerbated disparities for immigrants and farmworkers. That’s why we continue to advocate for equitable access to housing and supportive services; worker’s protections and rights; opportunities for education, building generational wealth, and health care; and standing up against greed, patriarchy, and white supremacy.  We acknowledge and appreciate your support in continuing to show up to battle with us on these issues.

For the end of the year, our wish is that everyone, and especially essential farmworkers who continue to put food on our table every day, can have access to health care,  a safe place to call home, a means to pursue their dreams, supportive communities, and government representatives that listen to and advocate for them. And most of all, paz (peace).

We would be honored to have your support in our campaign for PAZ focused on delivering better mental health resources, job opportunities, and housing services to farmworkers and immigrants in Oregon’s Willamette Valley.

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