FHDC is currently responding to the growing needs in our community due to COVID-19. Should you be able to support a resident in your community with food, shelter, and needed resources, please consider giving to our Family Livability Fund by clicking on the donate button below.

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Oregon Fires Exacerbate COVID-19 Impact on Farmworkers

FHDC Promotores helped facilitate more than 20% of the statewide COVID-19 farmworker wellbeing surveys

FHDC Fire Updates and How/Where to Support Our Communities

FHDC Evacuates residents from Silverton, Sublimity, and Stayton; Urges donations to support local communities through PCUN's emergency response efforts.

In the midst of chaos, we seek inspiration from a pioneer in our movement

Cipriano Ferrel's legacy inspires us to keep showing up for our communities during devastating times

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