Volunteer Opportunities

Without volunteers, many of the programs FHDC provides would not be possible!

Volunteers are vital to accomplishing our mission of developing farmworker leadership for stronger and more secure families and communities.  Volunteers can work directly with residents or work behind the scenes.  Take a look at our volunteer opportunities below!


Volunteer Opportunities

After School Program

Make a positive impact on a child’s life.  Become a mentor or provide homework help.

Looking for Senior Project?  Do your Senior Project with our After School Program and work directly with our little ones.  Hands-on activities include teaching kids how to read and write, basketball, and soccer.  FHDC has worked successfully with Woodburn High School students for the last ten years.  High School Senior Projects have aided students in graduating and moving on to college.

Many of our families do not speak English.  Teach family members how to speak, read, and write in English.

Youth Programs

Get kids moving!  Help provide activities such as soccer and basketball.

Good at writing?  Guide youth through the college and scholarship  application process.  Help them tidy up college essays.

Office Work

Like to push paper?  Get behind the scenes and help FHDC staff with fundraising, housing development, and asset management.

Questions about volunteering?

Contact us at info@fhdc.org