FHDC Programs

FHDC’s goal to is to help households in our properties access healthy, affordable housing to serve as a base for 1) improving their employment opportunities and 2) supporting families to help their children succeed in school.  In response to the needs of the people we serve, FHDC’s offers programs in the following areas:  education, health, leadership and civic engagement, resident retention, and workforce development.


At the heart of every immigrant’s dream is for their child to live a better life.  We at FHDC believe that one of the first steps in that direction is to build an educational foundation.

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Good health is priceless.  To support this, FHDC provides nutrition education, physical activities, and more.

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Leadership and Civic Engagement

Civic engagement activities and leadership helps to address community needs and improve the quality of life for individuals, groups, and entire communities.

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Resident Retention

FHDC works actively with residents and property management so that residents can live successfully in our housing.

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Workforce Development

FHDC works with partners to improve residents’ employment opportunities.

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