Leadership and Civic Engagement

Promotores Leadership Development

Implemented in 2019, Promotores leadership training is provided on-site through a grassroots resident leadership model supported by Meyer Memorial Trust, Legacy Health Foundation, and The Ford Family Foundation. Promotores resident leaders build their skills to provide and create opportunities for themselves, their families, and their communities.  Promotores receive trainings and skill development on topics identified by the group covering self-confidence, leadership, communication, storytelling, public speaking, advocacy, technology, and financial education. Promotores then use their skills to promote access to services by knocking on their neighbors’ doors, promoting events, and publicly advocating on topics like immigration, worker’s rights, affordable housing, health care, and other issues that affect their lives.

Latina Girl Scouts & Girls INC.

Latina Girl Scouts and Girl INC. provide on-site leadership training to FHDC’s young women around properties.

Citizenship Academy

The City of Woodburn provides citizenship classes and other civic engagement programs.


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