Female High School Students Create Opportunity for Youth

In Woodburn, FHDC youth leaders Alexandra Morales, America Correa, Tanisha Cardenas and Lourdes Rojas are some of our local International Baccalaureate (IB) students.  IB classes are advanced high school courses that allow students to receive college credit. As a requirement to graduate high school they are presented with the challenge to create a CAS (Creative, arts and service) project that addresses a need in the community.

As such, they created what they named the “Learning Skills Program” to work and inspire kids in elementary school, grades 2-4. So far, 13 students are participating in the program which is designed by these young female leaders to help the younger generation improve skills in math, reading, writing, and exploring creative arts. The 4 female high school students have become leaders and volunteers in the community through this program, which will also help them as they move into their next stage of life in post-secondary education. 

Art projects begin at Cipriano Ferrel in Woodburn:


Inspiring healthy reading habits:

Alexandra Morales, America Correa, Tanisha Cardenas and Lourdes Rojas:

Group shot!


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