Colonia Unidad Moves Forward thanks to City and Partner Support

Colonia Unidad, our 2018 development project that will bring more workforce housing to Woodburn, reached a significant milestone on January 25th, 2017 as FHDC development team attended its hearing with the City’s Planning Commission. The hearing was necessary in the request of 5 variances to assure the project represents the design and best interests for our communities, while also reducing the capital cost to ensure the project moves forward.

We were very excited that the Woodburn Planning Commission approved 4 out 5 variances, saving our project nearly a half of a million dollars, saving not just money, but time. Afterall, Woodburn, like other cities in Oregon is experiencing a housing crisis, and FHDC alone has 150 waitlisted for affordable units. FHDC would like to thank the City of Woodburn for being an understanding public partner, and our development team led by Carleton Hart Architecture and the Housing Development Center who presented our case, priorities and vision for the project.

Check out the latest renderings!

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