Conexiones Summit with OCF

This month, one of our housing and community development funders, Oregon Community Foundation, hosted their second Conexiones Summit in Silverton, Oregon as a gathering of Latinx organizations and partners covering education, nonprofits, business and government, working together to improve the lives of Latinx Oregonians.

Staff attended breakout sessions that covered topics ranging from leadership development and education to advocacy in rural areas and social, racial and economic justice. Staff member, Resident Leadership Coordinator, Anabel Hernandez-Mejia joined The Ford Family Foundation’s Laura Isiordia to speak about the launch of our Promotores Resident Leadership project and how organizing in rural communities can make a difference in the health and various forms of capital for individuals, families, neighborhoods, and communities.

The Ford Family Foundation Breakout Session: Leadership building in rural areas:

Anabel and Laura presenting about Promotores:

Rocky Barrios, Laura Isiordia, Anabel Hernandez-Mejia:

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