Census 2020 Conference Sees Large Turnout

PCUN recently hosted la Convención del Censo 2020 (Census Convention) to share with residents and other Woodburn-area community members the importance of the Census. Convention-goers were broken into smaller groups and practiced speaking about the census, the information, and talking to their communities so they are ready to share accurate information once the survey is released. All participants who partook received their certificates as Census Ambassadors.

FHDC was happy to have Promotores and Residents join the efforts to make sure their communities are represented. A list of our community members that partook:

  • Martha Perez, Promotora (currently working on a resume to apply for a job with PCUN during the 2020 Census outreach efforts)
  • Victoria Navarro (FHDC resident & in line to be in next Promotora group)
  • Sergio Garcia (FHDC resident & Victoria’s husband-they support each other’s growth)
  • Alexandra (Victoria’s daughter, also leading participant of Anahuac Project with Capaces Leadership)
  • Jennifer (Victoria’s daughter)

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