Supporting Farmworkers in Independence, Oregon

Essential Workers at an Independence Agricultural Facility Receive Masks, Information, and Lunch

Through key program, government, and community partnerships in the Independence community, we have supported efforts to keep local farmworkers and their families healthy and supported both at work and when they return to FHDC communities where many of them live. We have acknowledged, and continue to acknowledge, their hard work at farm sites through thank you lunches provided by Los Primos and distributed by Mano a Mano and FHDC resident services.

Resident Services Coordinator Fabiola Camacho Distributes Masks and Information to Residents in Independence

From the City of Independence we would like to extend thank yous:

  • Special thank you to Luz Prado and her team at Los Primos for supporting the lunch initiative since day 1 (and the many other ways they support the community)
  • Yaira Canchola, Hector De La Cruz, and Zuri Lopez from Northwest Family Services for their collaboration in the lunch initiative
  • Peggy and David Clyne for their generous contributions in face masks for adults and children *and Peggy’s network of nifty helping hands!
  • Fabiola Camacho from Farmworker Housing Development Corporation and Paola Ramirez from Mana-a-Mano for supporting in all of these efforts and the weekly lunch program
  • Patty and the Ella Curran Food Bank team for their support of the lunch initiative
  • Laura Isidoria and Brenda Mendoza from the Ford Family Foundation for supporting our communications initiative

To continue supporting farmworkers and FHDC residents visit

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