In the midst of chaos, we seek inspiration from a pioneer in our movement

FHDC joins our committed network of organizations “Alianza Poder” in the mid-Willamette Valley to take a moment to recognize Cipriano Ferrel, one of our founders and great leaders in the local and national movements for social, economic, and racial justice for farmworkers and immigrants. Yesterday, September 13th, marked the 25th year since the physical passing of Cipriano. His memory not only guides us, it fuels us. To be true, to be unrelenting, to be kind, to show up—with everything that we have.

The past several months have been heavy for all of us—and more than heavy for those directly impacted by the pandemic and now, climate change as experienced from the recent forest and urban fires affecting communities state-wide. PCUN recently shared the post below on their website. We are urging our communities to come together to donate time, resources, and skills to PCUN, who is leading efforts to ensure that displaced Marion county families and farmworkers have emergency supplies and resources as we recover together from the ongoing devastation caused by the forest fires and climate change.

Read PCUN’s tribute to Cipriano Ferrel and learn how to get involved by supporting PCUN’s emergency response efforts.

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